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We are a locally owned, community oriented, and eco-minded Tiny Home and Float Home company right here in beautiful Squamish, British Columbia. As long term residents of the west coast, we passionately integrate the modern west coast style into every aspect of our carefully crafted homes. Located in this unique transition zone between the ocean and mountains, we are constantly inspired by the natural beauty and the importance of intelligent design. This inspiration, along with our love for alternative low impact housing, shapes our dedication to ensure that each house is the intersection between comfort and practicality; design and space; and ultimately that every house is truly a home. 

Whether you are looking for a guest house, rental unit, or small office space; whether you are seeking out a unique food truck opportunity, or your own custom home; Timber Wolf Homes has exactly what you need. Tiny home and float homes are the wave of the futureβ€”they represent freedom and a reconnection with the important aspects of life.

Homes that fit

Whether you are looking for a home that fits your budget, fits your lifestyle, or fits the backyard, we are here for you. 


Every person within the Timber Wolf team lives in alternative off grid and micro spaces. The insight that we provide into the logistics of small living can only be learnt from being a part of the lifestyle that we design for. 


Through years of building and a passion for quality, our care and craftsmanship is unsurpassed. You are invited to come stop by the shop for a tour and we are happy to show you why our product is superior to the alternative options on the market.


Downsizing is the quickest way to recenter and declutter one's life. The key to our tiny homes is simplifying without compromising. To live in a Timber Wolf Homes' tiny home is analogous to living in a well crafted space ship, custom built to meet the needs of the crew.

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We always enjoy face to face meetings for the excitement and personality that they provide unlike even the best online platforms. Whether you need a hand navigating the intricacies of deciding whether a tiny home is a good fit for you, or you are finalizing your dream design and want to bounce ideas off of us, don't hesitate to reach out. Regardless of what stage you are in in your tiny home adventure, we look forward to hearing from you!

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